WME Yearbook 2020-2021

WME Yearbook is through and all orders are placed online. Link to WME ordering is below. All orders received by the April 19th deadline will receive free shipping to the school and be delivered to students before the end of school. Orders received after the deadline will have a shipping charge and ship to home, possibly arriving after the end of school. Yearbook price is $25.10 plus tax, and it is an additional $6.95 for hardcover.

WME Yearbook Ordering Link

Below are some FAQ’s about the yearbook to help parents.


  1. When will yearbooks arrive? The yearbooks will be delivered to students in their classes by May 17th. Any late orders past the deadline will ship to home at additional cost.
  2. During this unusual year with no parents allowed in the school, were there any photos taken this year? The yearbook coordinator was allowed in the school and took photos all year of events, specials, spirit, and classroom activities. So yes, there are plenty of photos of all students much like our books in the past.
  3. Can I order one book and have my children share the book? Yes, and we will deliver the book to the student that you list when you order. It is up to the students to figure out how they will share and possibly collect autographs.
  4. Can the students collect autographs? YES! Students will be encouraged the last days of school to bring their book back for autographs. There will be space in the front and back.
  5. What is the benefit of the hardcover? The hardcover book is much more durable which is a big benefit for elementary kids who can be a bit rough with their books. It does add extra weight to the book and it costs an additional $6.95.
  6. Will the office have extra copies to sell? The office will have a very limited amount of extra books to sell and they will all be soft cover books. TreeRing allows for ordering of books all the way until June so if you miss the shipping deadline, you can still order and receive your book.
  7. Can I place one of the recognition ads in the back? If your student is in 5th grade, you can place a recognition ad in the back pages to celebrate their completion of elementary school! The TreeRing system will only allow students in 5th grade. Ads are 1/4 page and cost $25. Deadline is April 2nd.
  8. Should I write my student’s name in their book before they bring it back to school? You definitely can write their name in the book, but we also individually label each book with their name and teacher before we hand them out, that way none are lost.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email

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