Wildcat Garden


Did you know WME has one of the largest school gardens in the district? Our garden boasts a huge variety of perennial plants including 6 grape vines, 18 vegetable beds, a compost bin for garden waste, a wormery for vegetable waste, a corn patch and a brand new sunflower house! Our students and volunteers put in countless hours this summer completing some major renovation projects so all we have to do this fall is harvest the fruits of our labor! We can always use extra hands during Garden Work Days to help students with small garden maintenance tasks!

We are currently looking for parents to help lead the garden program at Wildcat! Work would include cleaning up beds, organizing class projects, working with kids on work days, planning for plantings and organizing repairs and work in the garden. This project needs several parents to take it on! The garden is a FAVORITE of students!

If you would be interested in helping with the garden, please contact us!

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