Staff Favorites Lists

The PTO provides hospitality throughout the school year to our wonderful staff and teachers at Wildcat. Some of the things our hospitality team organizes and provides are welcome back gifts, birthday month bundt cakes, meals during conferences, holiday breakfast and coffee cart, Treat Yourself Tuesdays and organizing our Teacher Appreciation week. They also provide the Hospitality House during December.

As part of our hospitality at Wildcat Mountain, we gather each teacher and staff’s favorite things in an effort to help families who would like gift ideas for their teachers. If you would like to view a staff member’s Favorite List, please click on their name below.

If you are interested in helping with PTO hospitality during the school year, please contact Jaime Clay or Katie Watts.

Staff Favorite Things:

Beth Anderson

Jillian Beal

Jill Buckland

Denise Buckley

Misty Buhler

Nicole Calderbank

Nelson Caloca

Brandi Carlson

Maren Carson

Sara Christensen

Ashley Church

Shelley Clous

Erin Cordova

Steph Crawley

Samantha DeBey

Dana Drown

Cindy Gitre

Chris Goodman

Erin Grell

Kate Gresock

Shari Griffin

Betsy Gunther

Karen Hinds

Louise Jezier

Krista Kapp

Kelley Klassen

Elizabeth Kneip

Chrissy Kopatich

Beverly Liebchen

Hilary Lindsey

Whitney Longmire

Deanna Ludwig

Cassi MacArthur

Heather Martinez

Rose Martinez

Libby Messmer

Sheryl Miess

Molly Milley

Kory Moore

Angie Munroe

Tim Musser

Paula Neil

Launa Peterson

Jolie Pinke

Jill Prucha

Stacy Rich

Susan Roddy

Natalyn Rood

Sarah Rothberg

Leah Rushall

Irene Sittenfeld

Amy Staw

Jamie Stoller

Kristie Streck

Danielle Suppi

Sarah Wegert

Joey Widhalm

Michelle Wilson

Jill Winter

Susan Workman

Kristen Wright

Sarah Zabor

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