PTO Spotlight 2017 #2

Making a Difference at WME

As 2017 is coming to a close, we wanted to share with you some of the ways the money that PTO has raised this year has been invested into our school and how it’s making a difference in our classrooms! Every dollar we raise makes an impact and we always want parents to see where our funds are spent!

SPARK Fridays

Has your student told you about their SPARK Fridays? Kids are having amazing learning adventures and new experiences on SPARK Fridays and PTO helps funds some of these sessions so kids can try new things and possibly light a new passion! PTO funds have paid for supplies for cooking, airbrushing, Heart of Africa, ornament making, birdhouses and more! If you are interested in sharing a talent or skill for a SPARK session, please contact the school office. They are still looking for more parents to help with SPARK sessions.

Second Step K-5 Curriculum

Dr. Grell, our psychologist, and Mrs. Klassen, our social worker, wanted to implement Second Step at WME after working with it at other schools in our area. The evidence-based Second Step K-5 bundle we purchased includes everything needed to make it easy for teachers to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into their classrooms, which decreases problem behaviors and increases whole-school success by promoting self-regulation, safety, and support. Dr. Grell and Mrs. Klassen trained the whole WME staff on how to use it in their classrooms and we have received lots of positive feedback so far!

5th Grade Furniture

Our 5th grade furniture finally arrived after many delays. We are so excited to have these classrooms transformed for our 5th graders, including new tables with white board tops, tabletops for their Chromebook carts for counter-level seating and new stools and other seating. Teacher Wishlists Some of the funds raised through our fall fundraiser went toward fulfilling teacher wish list items for their classrooms. Not all teachers have purchased wish list items yet, but here is a list of what we have purchased so far:

  • Amazon Echo Dots for many classrooms
  • Additional Osmo Kits for 1st and 2nd grades
  • Flexible seating cubes for 5th grade
  • Book bags for 1st grade
  • Whiteboard easels for 2nd grade
  • Two new color printers
  • RazKids and BrainPop Jr. subscriptions for 1st grade
  • Coding robotics for 1st grade
  • Maker space and building sets for kindergarten and 4th grade
  • Makedo cardboard tool kits for 3rd grade
  • Lego sets for 3rd grade
  • Lap Desks for 4th grade
  • Weighted blanket and foam play mat tiles for SSN room
  • Magnetic boards and letter tiles for moderate needs classroom
  • Storage units and bins for kindergarten and 4th grade
  • Books and sensory toys for 5th grade
  • Flip Crayons and Handwriting Without Tears pencils for OT and kindergarten
  • New tools for Mr. Nelson

Supporting Specials

PTO funds continue to support our specials of art, music, PE and STEM Imagine Lab. This year, PTO was able to purchase additional wood pinhole cameras for the 3rd-5th grade photography unit in art so that each student has their own camera and can take their own photos. In STEM, the Sphero robotic units were exchanged by the company for newer units that the kids are loving learning to program and control. PTO was also able to purchase many new fun things for PE including Tchoukball nets and balls, a baseball set with tees, bats, gloves and flexballs, a Toxic Waste Transfer team building set, and prism balls.

Scholastic Points

Each year at our BOGO Spring Book Fair, we earn Scholastic Points from all the books sold. These points can be used to purchase thousands of items available from Scholastic. The points from last year were used to purchase 6 new standing desks that are in classrooms throughout the school.

Library Books & Donation

Thanks to the donations from the fall fundraiser, our library is able to purchase new books each year to replace damaged books and add to our collection. Our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Stickel, always keeps a running list of the books the kids are asking for and is able to purchase those titles after fun run. She also went through the library and weeded out books that hadn’t been checked out in years to donate. We added those 300 old library books to the 1000 books from WME families donated during book fair week and donated them all to Crawford Elementary in Aurora. It is in a low income neighborhood with 97% free and reduced lunch, 90% refugee and immigrant population, and has 30 different languages spoken in their school. Crawford will be using the donated books in a literacy push next year in their classrooms and will also be sending them home with students to work on reading at home. Thank you WME families for helping to make a difference at this school and thank you to Becca Eggleston and Kathy Braucher for delivering the books to Crawford!

As you can see, we have been able to make a huge impact this year at WME and can’t wait to do more in 2018 to benefit the school, students and teachers. None of this would be possible without the amazing support we receive from you–the parents and community!

Thank you for your generosity and your continual willingness to donate to PTO and WME! We are excited about our next big fundraiser, the Roaring Twenties Gala, on February 24, 2018. We already have some amazing silent auction items for you to bid on and it will be a fun night out for parents! Also, look for more information on a Family Night Out in April that’s sure to be every student’s favorite night of the year! Thanks again for helping PTO keep Wildcat Mountain a place where every student and teacher can thrive and succeed!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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