Fun Run Awards

We want to again say THANK YOU to our amazing Wildcat Mountain community and sponsors for supporting our Fun Run this year! We once again crushed our goal with $55,011.72 raised in donations!!! That is an incredible number! We will be able to provide the school all the items we promised plus much more. We see a lot of teacher’s wishes being granted in the near future! We had a fun assembly today to wrap up the Fun Run where we announced all the individual and class winners: Congratulations to our Top 10 Donors! And thank you for your generosity! They are each invited to lunch at Fazoli’s!

Principal for the Day: Noah G.

Top 3 Classes with Most Donations: These classes all win an ice cream party!
Mrs. Longmire’s 1st Graders
Mrs. Wegert’s 1st Graders
Ms. Griffin’s 3rd Graders

Golden Shoe Award (K-2):
Mrs. Messmer’s 2nd Graders

Golden Shoe Award (3-5):
Mrs. Church’s 4th Graders

Top Classes for Laps per Grade: These classes all win a popsicle party!
Kindergarten – Ms. Wright’s Kindies
1st Grade – Mrs. Wegert
2nd Grade – Mrs. Messmer
3rd Grade – Mrs. Potts
4th Grade – Mrs. Church
5th Grade – Mrs. Sittenfeld

Top Girls per Grade with Most Laps Ran (we had lots of ties!):
Kindergarten – Aven C. (17)
1st Grade – Madeline E., Cambria H., Brielle B., & Ashley W. (17)
2nd Grade – Paige M., Makenna W., Haley B., & Avery M. (21)
3rd Grade – Brynn S. (29)
4th Grade – Rory G., Harper B., Paige M., & Isabella R. (21)
5th Grade – Gracynn S. (30)

Top Boys per Grade with Most Laps Ran:
Kindergarten – Max D., Graydon S., Kaleb A., Noah S., & Clark B. (16)
1st Grade – Tanner M. (22)
2nd Grade – Micah S. (26)
3rd Grade – Carter J. and Trey P. (27)
4th Grade – Emerson H. (28)
5th Grade – Kaden W. (26)

Since we had so many ties this year for most laps, we weren’t able to take everyone to lunch, so we are bringing a special lunch to them in October! It will be a party!

Spirit Awards Most Spirit (K-2):
Mrs. Figueroa’s 2nd Graders

Most Spirit (3-5):
Mrs. Goodman’s 4th Graders

Double Dare and Inflatables!

Since we met and exceeded our goal, the students will be voting on a Principal Double Dare for Mrs. Milley and Mrs. MacArthur to complete! They also earned a school-wide celebration day scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th! Each class will have a designated time to come out to the field where we will have 3 inflatables and other games to play for 30 minutes! Prizes! If your student earned a Secret Spy Pen or an LED Fidget Spinner, they either went home today or will go home tomorrow with your student. Please remember to put your child’s name on them! LED Frisbees have been ordered and will arrive in a couple weeks.

Thank Yous!

Thank you to Target for donating a $75 gift card which we used to buy the popsicles each student received on run day! Thank you to Whitney Nallathamby, Jory Hastings, Dana Schmahl, Steph Crawley and Renea Hamilton for planning another successful fun run! All your time and effort put into this is greatly appreciated! Thank you again WME community for a wonderful Fun Run and for donating to our school. We will begin sharing with you in October where your fundraising dollars are being spent in the school and the classrooms!

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