Fun Run Awards

We want to again say THANK YOU to our amazing Wildcat Mountain community and sponsors for supporting our Fun Run this year! We once again crushed our goal with $44,027 raised in donations!!! That is so impressive and so needed this year! We will be able to provide the school with all the items we promised and more!

The students were shown a video today in class to wrap up the Fun Run where Mrs. Milley and Mrs. McArthur announced all the individual and class winners!


Principal for the Day: Mason B
Other Top 10 Donors: Cooper T, Madeleine E, Parker E, Jackson P, Graylynd P, Andrew S, Danica B, Milayna B, Brennen M, and Nancy B

Congratulations to our Top 11 Donors! And thank you so much for your generosity! They are each invited to a pizza lunch outside this Friday with Mrs. Milley and Mrs. MacArthur with a special treat!

Another HUGE part of our fundraising number was our amazing sponsors and their children who were also among some of our top donors: Ryan H, Christopher L, Boedy H, Callan S, Olivia M, Hazel M, James B, William B, Melanie T, Grace T, Ryland L, Bryce L, Dean H, Ivy H, Aven C, Jayden G, Landon G, Adam M and Isaac P

All of these sponsor kids are also invited to our pizza lunch with Mrs. Milley and Mrs. McArthur Friday to thank them for their support!

Top 3 Classes with Most Donations:
1st – Mrs. Suppi’s 4th Grade Class
2nd – Miss West’s 2nd Grade Class
3rd – Mrs. Goodman’s 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Suppi’s class won our class PRIDE Award, great job 4th graders!

Top 2 Classes with Highest Participation Percentage:
1st – Mrs. Beal’s 2nd Grade Class with 90% participation
2nd – Ms. Wright’s Kindergarten Class with 88% participation

Thank you for your classroom’s donations and participation this year!


Top Classes for Laps per Grade:
Kindergarten – Ms. Wright
1st Grade – Mrs. Kapp
2nd Grade – Ms. Figueroa
3rd Grade – Ms. Bolenbaugh
4th Grade – Mrs. Goodman
5th Grade – Mrs. Sittenfeld

Golden Shoe Award (K-2): Ms. Figueroa’s 2nd Graders
Golden Shoe Award (3-5): Mrs. Goodman’s 4th Graders

Top Girl(s) per Grade with Most Laps Ran:
Kindergarten – Cohort A: Ella T with 21 laps
Cohort B: Adelyn S with 20 laps
1st Grade – Cohort A: Paige T with 19 laps
Cohort B: Claire H with 22 laps
2nd Grade – Cohort A: Breanne B with 26 laps
Cohort B: Milayna B with 29 laps
3rd Grade – Cohort A: Blake C and Isabelle S with 21 laps
Cohort B: Harper S with 24 laps
4th Grade – Cohort A: Ava M and Audrey S with 20 laps
Cohort B: Danica B with 31 laps
5th Grade – Cohort A: Ansley C with 25 laps
Cohort B: Jane C with 26 laps

Top Boy(s) per Grade with Most Laps Ran:
Kindergarten – Cohort A: Luke J with 19 laps
Cohort B: Knox N with 23 laps
1st Grade – Cohort A: Josh B, Ryan S and Joe W with 22 laps
Cohort B: Caleb C with 26 laps
2nd Grade – Cohort A: Eli S with 24 laps
Cohort B: Jagger H and Adam M with 24 laps
3rd Grade – Cohort A: Blake H, Grant H and Graydon S with 24 laps
Cohort B: Luke A and Nolan K with 28 laps
4th Grade – Cohort A: Kelan T with 31 laps
Cohort B: Luke C with 33 laps
5th Grade – Cohort A: Micah S with 32 laps
Cohort B: Miles Conway with 29 laps

Top E-Learners with Most Minutes Ran/Walked:
Sawyer Drahnak
Ian Jasperson
Ellie Chapel

These fast runners all received a medal and certificate! Great job runners!

Prizes and Double Dare! 
Since we met and exceeded our goal, Mrs. Milley and Mrs. MacArthur will complete a Double Dare challenge virtually soon! The students who earned WME water bottle stickers and WME lanyards will be bringing those home today! If you earned prizes and are an e-learner, the WME office has your prizes for you to pick up. If your student earned Wildcat socks, those will take a couple weeks since we special ordered them. Please email us if you think your student should have received a prize and did not come home with one.
Thank Yous!
Thank you to our Fun Run Committee of Autumn Murray, Dana Schmahl and Molly Milley for planning another very successful fun run in a very weird year. And to our Sponsor Coordinators, Joni Milliron and Jeff Payn, for all your hard work and time securing this year’s sponsors. Thank you also to Jory Hastings for designing our WME water bottle sticker and the fun run flyer. We so appreciate all of you greatly for your time and effort put into this fundraiser! We also want to thank our Wildcat teachers and staff for all their help the day of the Fun Run this year and for getting the kids excited to raise so much money for our school!

Thank you again WME community for a wonderful Fun Run and for donating to our school, we are so grateful for you! 

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